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Game Servers

7 Days to Die:

Klub 203 is proud to present this server hosted by Blue Fang Solutions and managed by CBSM of Envul. This is a PvE server for a mature audience that loves to play the game. No crying, exploiting, duping, or griefing. Be RESPECTFUL to other players and RESPECT admins. Admins are friendly and active. Be sure to join us on our 32 slot Teamspeak server to make new friends or to communicate with your teammates. Check in-game messages for more details. As the server progresses we will be having arena matches and prizes to be given out. Other Clans are welcome!

Port: 16254


  • NO Exploting of any kind. Instant BAN!
  • NO Cry babies as this is a mature server. Warn, Kick, Ban.
  • NO Griefing of any kind.
  • Raiding welcome (Only take what you can carry. Make multiple trips if you have to. Dropping everything on the floor will result in ban.)
  • After raiding a player, give them 48 hours to rebuild and get back on their feet. AKA don’t be a dick lol.
  • Admins have final say.

Custom Commands

  • /Gimme – Use one an hour for free stuff!
  • /Killme – If you want to be dead!
  • /home /sethome /delhome – Home can be used every 15 minutes.
  • /clanadd <clanTag> – This will create a clan on our server which you can add your friends to.
  • /clandel – Deletes your clan. (Only the person who created it can do this)
  • /claninvite <playerName> -Invites your friend to your clan.
  • /clanremove <playerName> – Removes a member from your clan.
  • /clanpromote <playerName> – Promotes member to Officer who can invite and remove members from clan.
  • /clandemote <playerName> – Demote from Officer.
  • /clanaccept – Accepts invite to clan
  • /clandecline – Decline invite to clan.
  • /clanleave – Leave the clan.
  • /pm or /w – private message another player.